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Whether you want to own just one location or build an empire like our Roman ancestors, Kono Pizza has a variety of business models available for our Famiglia to choose from. You choose how large or simple you want your business to be. From semi-permanent locations in Malls, to food carts in professional sports stadiums, it’s up to you!



Were’ on the move! The Kono Cart was created to allow our Franchise Owners to open locations wherever the customers are!  This fully operational, self-contained serving cart comes equipped to simply and efficiently produce all of our delicious pizza cones. It is NSF certified and meets health department requirements for mobile operation, and can be setup in as little as 15 minutes. Perfect for professional sports stadiums, convention centers, festivals and fairs, Kono is coming to a location near you soon!


The Kono Kiosk is elegant, inviting and visually stunning. Easily produce cone after cone, from breakfast through desert for your customers in a comfortable yet efficient space. The Kono Kiosk operates from 100sq. ft – 150sq. ft, allowing us to fit into a variety of high-traffic retail locations that many other businesses cannot. From malls, hospitals, health clubs, college campus’ and airports, the Kono Kiosk is a fantastic option to scale your business.


Unique, efficient and inviting, The Kono stores can be built in spaces as small as 160 square feet. The interior design of our stores focus on creating a feeling of Italian elegance. We also ensure they are family-friendly, providing our customers with wi-fi and iPads to ensure they have a wonderful dining experience. Our construction assistance process shortens build-out time to get you open as quickly as possible.

“When I tried my first cone, I was convinced that this franchise had incredible potential and I wanted to be a part of it.”

  Gayle Adams
Kono Pizza Famiglia